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    2022 IRA Deductibility and Roth Eligibility Chart

    On November 4, 2021, the IRS released Notice 2021-61, announcing cost-of-living adjustments that affect contribution limits for IRAs in 2022. Notably, the amount individuals can contribute to an IRA in 2022 remains unchanged at $6,000.

    The attached table outlines all of the key changes to traditional and Roth IRA limits, eligibility, and deductibility rules for the upcoming year.

    October is National Financial Planning Month... and what yoga taught me about the importance of working with an advisor

    Yoga is an important part of my life. This stress-reducing exercise keeps me mentally focused and balanced. When the pandemic hit, my yoga studio adapted quickly and within a week they were livestreaming classes so that I could easily continue my weekly practice from the comfort of my home.


    Selling Restricted Shares with a 10b5-1 Trading Plan

    Because of the nature of their compensation packages, many corporate executives and employees develop concentrated positions in their employer’s stock. Often, these shares are subject to stringent SEC rules that restrict when they can be sold. A 10b5-1 trading plan offers shareholders greater leeway in selling their restricted shares while avoiding accusations of insider trading.

    Outright Sale of a Concentrated Stock Position

    Most owners of concentrated positions understand the risks inherent in continuing to hold their shares. A significant drop in the price of the issue has the potential to inflict irreparable harm on a portfolio. One guaranteed solution to the problem is to sell the stock. But many owners are wary of the tax implications of implementing this simple strategy and are therefore hesitant to take action. Sometimes, however, the simplest option produces the best result. To determine whether an outright sale is an appropriate solution for reducing risk, let’s review the benefits and downside considerations associated with such action.

    Getting Ready To Retire? Check These Financial Tasks Off Your List

    Are you planning to retire within the next year or so? First off—congratulations! Assuming that you have worked hard, saved diligently, invested wisely, and planned well, you have a lot to look forward to.

    As that final day at work approaches, here are a few retirement planning tasks you should be sure to resolve before you head off into the sunset:

    Year-End Financial Planning Checklist: 10 Suggestions to Help You Stay on Track

    Although 2020 has been a year of unexpected changes, one routine has remained consistent: the fourth quarter means it’s time to begin organizing your finances for the new year. To help you get started, here’s a checklist of key topics to think about, including new tax and retirement considerations related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Restarting the Economy in the Time of COVID-19

    In this week’s review, we’re taking a closer look at the White House guidelines for opening up the country, provide an update on the new stimulus package, and highlight the loan forgiveness provisions from the Paycheck Protection Program. 

    Weekly Recap: The Markets, the Economy, and Your Personal Finances

    In our latest market recap, we’re covering the mixed results for the markets, updating you on the current status of the Paycheck Protection Program, and providing some much-needed perspective on the future of the economy. 

    Last Week: Exploring the Markets, Policy, and Financial and Business Tips

    In our latest recap, we cover last week's market movements and policy updates. Plus, some tips you can leverage to help secure your financial future during these uncertain times. 

    Freedom Trail Financial: The Week in Review

    Not caught up from last week? We’ve got you covered with our latest market recap. From the recently signed CARES Act to the stock market's performance, we break down all the important information you need to know as you start the week ahead.