Webinar - What to Consider When Negotiating a New Job Offer

Freedom Trail Financial - Beata Dragovics Webinar - New Year New Job Boston Life Science


Thank You for Attending!

We hope that you enjoyed our first webinar of 2020, "New Year, New Job: What to Consider." To recap, we explored:

  • An overview of the current compensation trends within the life sciences industry
  • How to develop an action plan for a successful transition
  • Key financial planning considerations before changing jobs, plus other considerations when negotiating a new offer
  • The need to assess current and new benefits during times of transition, with special attention to your various equity grants

With Boston being the world’s top biotech hub, and with the constant growth and development taking place in the industry, it's an exciting time to start a new role in the life sciences sector. We hope our presentation helped answer your questions and provided the information you need to take your next career leap with confidence!

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Freedom Trail Financial - Maximize Equity Compensation


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Have More Questions?

Contact our host, Beata Dragovics, to get more questions answered or schedule an introductory call to discuss the financial aspects of an upcoming job transition.
Beata Dragovics, MPAS®, CFP®, CEP®
Financial Advisor and Principal
Freedom Trail Financial
Email: bdragovics [at] freedomtrailfinancial.com
Phone: 617.247.1112


Want to Learn More?

We've developed a few resources to help you take action on the topics we discussed and keep the conversation going after the webinar.


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