BioPharma Professionals

Explosive growth and innovation within the life sciences sector has produced exciting changes for organizations both big and small. It has also spurred frequent moves for professionals seeking to advance their careers and earning opportunities.

At Freedom Trail Financial, working with clients who aid in the development of treatments and cures for illnesses isn’t just a job for us—it’s a passion. Having lost close family members to lung cancer,
Beata Dragovics shares her clients' desire to achieve advancements in pharma and biotech solutions, as well as the unique dynamics of the evolving industry.

Freedom Trail Financial works with life sciences professionals to develop comprehensive and personalized financial planning and investment management strategies tailored to meet the needs of people within this ever-changing industry. 


Executives and Professionals in BioPharma

Our firm works extensively with executives and professionals from various pharmaceutical and biotech firms. We understand the unique concerns, financial challenges, and needs of BioPharma executives and professionals. Our ongoing collaboration and work concentrate on:

  • Planning strategies for executive compensation
  • Tax implications for executive compensation
  • Managing concentrated stock positions
  • Comprehensive financial planning
  • Estate planning
  • Charitable planning

BioPharma Professionals in Career Transition

The top minds and talent in the life sciences sector are in high demand. That means that employees within the industry experience frequent career moves. This often adds up to a complicated menagerie of stock and profit-sharing options, benefits, and retirement plans that can be difficult to manage.

We help BioPharma professionals make sound financial decisions and understand their options as they make career changes. This includes:

  • Employee benefit reviews during a career transition
  • Retirement account management and consolidation
  • Stock options and deferred compensation plans
  • Counseling on life insurance, disability, and health insurance throughout career transitions