Investment Management

Our Approach



Investment philosophy:

Asset Allocation

We make investment portfolio recommendations based on a strategic asset allocation model that goes back to a proven Nobel Prize-winning theory. This plays a critical role in establishing portfolio risk and, ultimately, long-term return expectations. We strongly believe, however, that today’s global economy demands us to complement our strategy with tactical asset allocation that corresponds with the ever-changing environment we live in. 

Broad Portfolio Diversification

An extensive portfolio diversification is essential to risk minimization; therefore, we strive to diversify on many different levels such as market capitalization, investment style, industry, region, and more. 

Long-Term Perspective

Although we are very attentive to important economic and related events that may affect short-term investment outcomes, our goal, ultimately, is to focus on long-term results. This discipline and focus enhances portfolio stability and typically leads to stronger and more consistent investment performance over time.

Risk Management

We want to understand and identify our clients’ tolerance for risk at all times and then take steps to minimize that risk while pursuing the investment objectives.


Diversification and asset allocation programs do not assure a profit or protect against loss in declining markets, and cannot guarantee that any objective or goal will be achieved. Financial planning and consulting services offered through Freedom Trail Financial are separate and unrelated to Commonwealth

Our partnership with Commonwealth Financial Network, a leading independent broker/dealer, provides us access to a team of investment research specialists who assist us in our efforts to provide you with the best possible service as it come to investment management services.

We believe in a disciplined approach as it comes to asset management by creating a sound and effective investment strategy that is aligned with our clients’ financial goals, risk tolerance, time frame, and tax implications. Investment management is an integral part of attaining one’s objectives, and it all begins with what our clients want to accomplish.

Although a diversified portfolio may consist of mutual funds, individual stocks, exchange-traded funds, bonds, certificates of deposit, or money market funds, the investments within the portfolio will match the clients’ objectives and constraints. As independent advisors, we are not restricted to proprietary products, and we are able to work with our clients to determine which investment options are best suited to their unique financial situation.