Financial Wellness Program

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In today’s competitive landscape, companies must seek ways to invest in their employees in order to retain talent, recruit the best and brightest, and maintain a happy and productive workforce. After all, employees are the face of your company representing your vision, mission, and brand. The benefits and incentives you offer are essential differentiators when aiming to attract and retain quality employees. 

As a result of our extensive involvement in the life sciences sector, Freedom Trail Financial has an in-depth knowledge of the changing financial landscape and is uniquely positioned to offer financial wellness programs to life science companies.

As part of our workplace financial wellness program, we offer various services that can be tailored to highlight your organizations’ benefits package and most importantly provide education to your employees so they can maximize the numerous benefits programs your company offers.


Financial Planning

Our Financial Wellness program provides personal financial advice to support your employees in acheiving their financial goals and also expands the value of your benefits backage by:

• Providing individualized support for employees

• Focusing on planning services that address your business objectives

• Presenting these benefits to all your employees or tailoring them to a specific group    


Financial Education

We also support your endeavors of financial wellness for your employees by providing educational group programs that review many key financial topics. These topics will have relevance to your employees financial planning and benefit decisions. We do this by:

• Creating seminars and events that are relevant to your company's benefits' structure

• Complimentary consultations


We provide personalized financial planning and investment management for our clients with an emphasis on those in the life science industry. Our mission is to empower clients with the guidance and counsel they need to achieve their financial aspirations while living in accordance with their personal values.