Financial Planning


Our Approach


Freedom Trail Financial offers comprehensive financial planning as a multidiscipline approach that will allow an individual or family to reach their financial goals based upon their current financial position and a set of expectations for the future. The ultimate attainment of those objectives will rely upon the plan being implemented, monitored, and adjusted as time goes by. Our planning practice is an ongoing process that is modified as circumstances warrant.

Step One

Our initial meeting allows us to start finding out about our clients, what is important to them as it relates to their current life and financial situation, and what they would like to improve or change. We start the learning process with their financial goals for their future.

Step Two

The second step is to gather detailed data from the client. This data should be both objective and subjective. Objective data includes all financial statements that help us in analysis while subjective data includes further finding out about the client’s goals and ambitions, estate plans, and even the client’s attitude toward financial risk. 

Step Three

The third step in the process is to analyze and evaluate the client’s current financial condition. This will allow us to determine where the client is in relationship to his or her goals and objectives. The analysis will reveal the client’s ability to achieve those goals and objectives, and we will start to develop strategies that will show the necessary steps to accomplish them. This step likely entail multiple discussions to make sure that we have the information necessary to put together an effective plan.

Step Four

This is the time when we develop and implement a plan that will allow and support our clients to realize their intentions. We establish and formulate effective strategies that will offer the greatest benefit related to their financial concerns. The objective is to educate them through a comprehensive set of options and alternatives. By putting the plan into action and implementing it, our clients can start working toward reaching their goals and objectives.  

Step Five

Financial planning is a continuous process; monitoring and reviewing our clients’ goals and making adjustments whenever necessary are fundamental in order to actually achieve them. We meet and talk regularly to make sure that the plan is on target, and we determine whether or not any changes need to be made due to client or economic circumstances.