Women and Wealth

As a woman-owned and-operated financial management firm, Freedom Trail Financial is attuned to the unique financial challenges that today’s women face. Women today are more educated and have more financial power and control than ever before in history—but this means that they must make big decisions about their wealth. According to Mary Quist-Newins, assistant professor of Women's Studies at The American College, it is projected that by 2030, roughly two-thirds of the nation’s wealth will be controlled by women. So, while women are more financially secure than ever before, they also must deal with big decisions regarding how to manage their money and ensure that their financial security will continue past retirement. It’s critical that they develop strategies that aim to protect their assets, maintain a comfortable lifestyle and prepare for long-term financial success. Beata understands first-hand the unique financial challenges and factors that today’s professional women contend with and has empowered a multitude of clients to take control of their future.

        Life changes and events  
        We help you develop sustainable financial strategies so that you can continue to   
        live comfortably amidst changes in your lifestyle and situation.

        Our compassionate, personal approach to client relationships combined with our 
        expertise makes us the ideal partner for widowers who must reevaluate their assets 
        during a difficult time.

        Entrepreneurial women 
        An entrepreneur herself, Beata is passionate about helping other female entrepreneurs 
        secure their financial future and meet goals across both their business and personal lives.

        Female executives and women in leadership roles 
        Women executives often face demanding career paths while juggling both family and 
        childcare needs. We serve as a trustworthy partner to help our female clients in leadership 
        roles to navigate through their complex financial matters.

Beata was recently featured in an interview with Sage America during a New York City women's entrepreneurial conference in September 2014—watch it below!